Reviews of Love Medicine

“It exerted an irresistible pull on the imaginations of many readers. Mysterious and lyrical, it was one of the first contemporary novels to portray life on an Indian reservation. It skimped on neither the sadness nor the dignity. It painted a picture of a world many of us thought we knew, and in the process showed us how much we hadn't understood.”

Judith Freeman, The Washington Post

“A wondrous prose song… about the enduring verities of love and surviving, and these truths are revealed in a narrative that is an invigorating mixture of the comic and the tragic.”

New York Times

“A remarkable novel, quick with agile prose, taut speech, poetry, and power.”

Peter Matthiessen

“The beauty of Love Medicine saves us from being completely devastated by its power.”

Toni Morrison

“A dazzling series of family portraits... This novel is simply about the power of love.”

The Chicago Tribune

“A powerful piece of work... Louise Erdrich is the rarest kind of writer, compassionate as she is sharp-sighted.”

Anne Tyler

“There are at least a dozen of the many vividly drawn people in this first novel who will not leave the mind once they are let in. Their power comes from Louise Erdrich’s mastery of words… Every detail in this novel counts.”

The New York Times